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Mutai's strong landing on the CCTV channel broadcasting brand, showing the brand's new image
500 authoritative Internet media follow up Mutai all year round
Mutai has always been one of the famous locks brands concerned by authoritative media.
CCTV, Sina, Sohu, Netease Home, Tencent, China Brand Network, China Building Materials Home Network, Pacific Home Network, People's Network, China Merchants Network, China Over 200 authoritative media including Brand Weekly, Marketing and Marketing, Huicong. com, Fortune China, China Brand List and Good Pick-up Guide Network follow-up reports year round.
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Brand advantage
brand advantage
Mutai Copper is a high-grade all-copper door lock. It is a rising star in hardware products industry. It pays more attention to brand activity and product innovation.
Design advantages
Design advantages
As a rising Tengtai copper product, our products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The product style is favored by designers and architects with different cultural background, and is well received by the same industry.
Quality advantage
Design advantages
Our company from product design and development, die production, workpiece forging, CNC numerical control machining, follow-up process by the factory. Mutai copper products cover panel handles, hardware, bathroom pendants, home handles
Advocacy Advantage
Propaganda advantage
More than 500 authoritative online media platforms have been promoting Mutai's follow-up reports and seven major search engines monopolizing the key words of the industry throughout the year.
Cost-effective advantage
Cost-effective advantage
Mutai copper products to provide users with high-quality product quality, but also strive to cost control in the cost-effective range.
Service advantages
Service advantages
Provide professional solutions for consumers before and after sales. Provide door-to-door and maintenance services for sellers and guarantee services for every customer.。
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